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Innovating for today

and tomorrow

We are entrepreneurs, innovators, chemists, formulators, R&D, engineers, product and packaging designers, manufacturers, waste management experts, and material recovery specialists.


The key to our success is the ability to fast-track innovative solutions from the lab to market.

Our safety solutions delivery peace of mind when on-the-go and at home, as well as clinical solutions for healthcare specialists, hospitals and assisted living homes. 


Our Eco-packaging solutions are engineered to ensure product stability and to maximize the MRP or breakdown of the packaging into a harmless by-product.





Our product solutions are approved for use in both the EU and USA. We have developed technologies that are specific to a region, allowing us the certification needed for the market and for the specific claims.


We partnered with S&I Consultancy who are leading experts in the waste management industry and material recovery process in Southeast Asia.


Local knowledge helps CYCHET® develop solutions that are more than just an "eco-stamp" on the packaging. We design solutions that will work in the real world.


As advisors to local governments, we guide countries to implement new regulations for packaging solutions that will maximize their current waste management and proposed infrastructure.

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